Quaero – item in control

Track and trace processes play an important role in the biomedical field to keep biomaterials and equipment items in control. Quaero Systems has converted logistical processes into a Web based software application called Quaero BIMS. The system comprises a configuration tool which allows you to convert pre-existing standard operating procedures for sample treatment, -storage and -transfer into a digital format.

With Quaero BIMS, it is possible to locate every item and control every step in the logistical processflow. Each step of the process is registered and recorded. This allows traceability of every single detail of every single item.

The system interface is user friendly and uses intuitive icons to identify the current work processes and transfers them into a digital database.

Unique labeling of materials

By coding all research materials we speed up the logistical processes and make physical localization of the materials possible. Instruments and sample materials that are code labelled can be registered in Quaero BIMS and appointed to it’s storage location.

The location and condition of any individual item can be rapidly determined and more importantly, its loss, misplacement, or mishandling can be prevented.

Quaero BIMS accepts all existing coding standards like alpha-numeric, 1D-barcode, datamatrix and RFID.


Quaero BIMS can be used in a variety of Life Science and biomedical applications, including a centralized biobank, emergency rooms and research departments.