Health Care

Quaero Systems translates SOP’s and logistical environments into dynamic existing situations. Medical equipment and tools are scanned, uniquely identified and stored in a central database together with information about its physical location, purpose, state, ownership, process step etcetera. This give you full control over all items.

Life Science

All information about research, projects, materials and storage location in one database! This gives you a unique insight in all existing and current projects, with regards to standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and full governance about retreival and recollection of all biometric data stored.


Keep full control on your bio bank logistics process. Quaero Systems manages all steps from registration, processing, storage, reports, picklists and much more in one database. This provides valuable data collections and gives you full control on your bio bank.
Quaero Systems is in full compliance with the Demands for Ethics and Governance for Bio Banking.

Quaero Systems

Quaero Systems specializes in logistical solutions on research. By coding all the research materials we speed up the logistical processes and make physical localization of all materials possible. Quaero Systems accepts all existing coding standards like alpha-numeric, barcode, Datamatrix and RFID. Research processes are designed depending on the coding method chosen.


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